Mindful Productivity Planner: 2019 Goal Getter Edition {PRINTABLE PDF A5}
Mindful Productivity Planner: 2019 Goal Getter Edition {PRINTABLE PDF A5}
Mindful Productivity Planner: 2019 Goal Getter Edition {PRINTABLE PDF A5}
Mindful Productivity Planner: 2019 Goal Getter Edition {PRINTABLE PDF A5}
Mindful Productivity Planner: 2019 Goal Getter Edition {PRINTABLE PDF A5}

Mindful Productivity Planner: 2019 Goal Getter Edition {PRINTABLE PDF A5}

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The Mindful Productivity Planner: 2019 Goal Getter Edition is designed to guide you toward planning with intention while getting more done and reaching your goals. The only planner designed to help you be both more mindful and productive at the same time. 
Size: A5 - Approx. 5.8 x 8.3
*This PDF comes with cut lines to ensure a straight and consistent cut 
Included in this dated printable planner:
  • 134 Individually Crafted & Designed Pages
  • Index Pages for Quick Reference
  • 2019 - 2020 Year at a Glance
  • 2019 Mood Tracker & Last Time I… Reference Sheet
  • Annual Game Plan Goal-Setter
  • Quarterly Game Plans  (Q3 & Q4) with Weekly Focus Projects Overview
  • Master Task List
  • 2 Goal & 30-Day Challenge Trackers
  • 6 Project Page Spreads
  • Monthly Calendar Spreads (August - December 2019)
  • Month at a Glance with Weekly Breakdown
  • Monthly Reflection & Intention Setting Pages
  • Monthly Success & Gratitude Lists
  • Monthly Bucket Lists & Habit Trackers
  • Monthly Quote / Mind Map Pages
  • Weekly Dated Spreads with Notes & Task List
  • Collections, Lists, & Notes Pages

Dated Weekly Spreads

Each week includes a weekly spread with dated sections, the week of the year, and an at a glance calendar that highlights the week you're currently in. On the right side of each weekly spread, you'll find a notes section, task list, and sections to write down your weekly intention, big focus, what went well, and what to learn from.

Get More Done:

Map out your Annual Game Plan & Quarterly Goals. Create crystal clarity around quarterly sprints, weekly focus plans, and individual daily tasks to complete your goals. Month at a glance pages help you break down weekly focus projects into smaller tasks. End the task overwhelm and plan out exactly what you need to do and when to stay on track.

Live life with intention & mindfulness:

Each month you'll find a new Reflection & Intention Setting Page to set the tone for the month ahead and let go of what is no longer brings you joy. Success Lists will help you keep track of your accomplishments while monthly Bucket Lists will bring fresh ideas to maintain your self-care. 

Track Your Mood & Stay Ahead of the Game:

Notice mood and energy patterns with the 2019 Mood Tracker. Keep your home and personal life running smoothly with the "When was the last time I..." tracker with suggested projects to rotate throughout the month and quarter.

Data is Beautiful

Notice what you're doing (and not doing) each month with monthly habit trackers. Ideas are included in the front of the planner to give you a head start. Keep track of daily habits and more!

Map Out Personal / Professional / Business Projects:

Project Pages help you keep track of goals and projects. Each spread contains a place to write the project description, start and due date, time estimate, and any research or resources you'll need. With a section to write out project tasks and track 20-minute work sprints for more tedious tasks, you'll be done in no time!


Goal & Challenge Trackers

Have a 30-Day Challenge you've been wanting to start? Or maybe you want to try drinking green smoothies next month. Mark your progress or create a challenge reference chart.

Collections & Reference Lists

List making is a great way to keep track of books you'd like to read, TV shows you want to catch up on, parks you want to visit and more. In the end pages of the planner, you'll find collection and reference list pages to use as checklists, inspiration, or points of reference. An idea list is included to get you started on everything you can add to your planner and have with you wherever you go. 

Printer information: It is recommended to open and print the PDF with Adobe Reader (which can be downloaded for free here). If you wish to print specific monthly sections of the PDF double-sided make sure that your page 1 starts on an odd number page to print the spread pages correctly. Printer settings may vary. To ensure the proper size print make sure to select print to size. 

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